Friday, 6 March 2009

Essentially, everything that I do relates at one level or another to motorcycling [Paladin]

It was only a matter of time that 2 wheeled building had to come into the frame.

Satoshi Ogawa, master builder.


We demolished a building to put a new structure on the site and  thought we had covered all the bases.  Not all - a retained structural party wall was floating above a 1500mm dia abandoned Victorian storm drain running 17m along  just below the depth of our trial pits . Clearly the wall was build illegally a long time ago.  33 m3   of concrete later we were able to carry on building.....

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Georgian red brick country house

Planning application for a new build "Georgian red brick country house" in the North Wessex Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - submitted yesterday.


made by an old spaniard in an old house using old tools in the old way..... 

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

That sinking feeling

This is a drawing of a sink we designed as a wedding present back in 2004 and have as yet failed to work out how [or who] to get it made.... anyone have any ideas?
We wanted it to be porcelain enamel on metal - as a one off the cost would make it a very generous wedding present
The idea behind the sink was for it to be a freestanding unit that, instead of putting your razor and soap on the side, you put everything in it.. hence the razor stand, the soap holder and the inset sink in the sink..

The Village #1

K Vucic Shepherd is our CGI elf. We dont think he sleeps and in his downtime he is creating The Village, pieces of which we hope to show you as they come into the world. Suggestions welcomed for naming this village.
House 1 you see above belongs to Von Babel, a man inspired by Seymour Cray, who apart from playing tennis and other above ground pleasures, his 'favorite pastime was digging a tunnel under his home; he once attributed the secret of his success to elves. "While I'm digging in the tunnel, the elves will often come to me with solutions to my problem."'


We would love to build you a wooden house..... visit Ecobuild at Earls Court today or tomorrow...see the attached link to the Wood 100 Thomas Holz product from which I took these pictures...

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


at HP we love to use good materials and especially metal sheet...copper is much less forgiving than lead but the results pay off. ...what you can see here is a copper standing seam roof and porthole windows whose reveals were formed in timber and covered in copper

Searcys Champagne Bar, Westfield London

Recently completed project for Searcys 1847...... regardless what you may think about shopping centres, site visits to this one were an experience.... cant remember the exact figures but I think there were 8000 people on site in the closing stages. 


MARK PRIZEMAN... hopefully not the last adventurer of architecture...still teaching us after 20 years.

Monday, 2 March 2009

cave painting

note that the paint footprints only go in one direction.... 

Got to start somewhere

Welcome to our new blog... architecture is all about using it - starting from  the playground