Saturday, 20 February 2010


We went across London to see Nation at the National Theatre.

We got off the tube at Embankment and walked across the river Thames

Past the Royal Festival Hall

Past the bright & new South Bank

Past the kids doing tricks

to the National Theatre by Dennis Lasdun

where material is king

and the boundaries of what is inside

and outside are not defined

and the threshold is managed by a local entrepeneur

The interior of the auditorium was as much a play as the play

after the play finished we made our way back home, life had not diminished outside, the skaters were skating

in their appropriated skate park which the authorities have now realised is a part of the architecture

back over the bridge past the busker

wearing his busking shoes

and playing his busking sax

under the gaze of the ever watching eye

down underground

onto the late train